Blooming Flowers


72nd Junior High School of Athens
Σχολική Βαθμίδα
Τάξη / Τμήμα
Ano Kipseli, Athens
Υπεύθυνος (Όνομα, Ιδιότητα)
John Karamouzis, Psychologist
Τίτλος Αφίσας
Blooming Flowers
The school as a protective system can foster students' relationships. Furthermore, the role of the educators is crucial, because they function as ispirational models for students. They also help students and care for them in a daily basis. Students are displayed as 'blooming flowers', that consider the school a safe space and discover their strenghts and hidden talents in the school settings. In this way, strong bonds are created, students feel free to reveal their thoughts and make friendships that last. The school is viewed as a caring community, which promotes postivite relationships, accepts diversity and develops cooperation in the class.

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